Rainbow Reiki

Rainbow Reiki is based on the traditional Usui System of Reiki, in-depth research on the roots of Reiki, Shamanism, Feng Shui, meditation, state-of-the-art communication methods and spiritual psychology/psychotherapy. It is traditional Usui Lineage Reiki combined with additional symbols, knowledge, and techniques. See "Traditional Usui Reiki" on this website for further information on Reiki.

The Rainbow Reiki workshops are for people who have never taken Reiki and for those with years of experience. Everyone can learn Reiki. Rainbow Reiki is a safe, effective system of natural healing. It can be used by people for themselves, their family, friends, pets, and plants. Medical professionals can use Reiki in their practice. It works well together with natural and medical treatments.

Rainbow Reiki attunements intensify the depth of your healing abilities in a way that is not easily described. Rainbow Reiki has been defined as traditional Reiki energy at a deep spiritual level. Students taking the workshops have felt a deepening personal spiritual connection, increased healing ability, and received knowledge of new techniques that will deepen all levels of healing.

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