NEW Rainbow Reiki Treatments

Marayana Sayi

A new kind of Rainbow Reiki whole body treatment. During this treatment all 17 positions receive Reiki at the same time for a powerful, deep healing experience. Reiki will be routed directly from the original power source in the realms of light towards the respective position on the recipient's body. This yields profoundly deeper results and makes the body resonate intensively with the soul. In a common Reiki treatment the spiritual energy flows through an initiated practitioner to the client for 3-4 minutes on each position but during a Marayana Sayi treatment a direct connection with the Source of Reiki is established for the client by the practitioner and all 17 body positions directly receive this amazing healing energy for 20 minutes.

People tend to experience impressive encounters with their Spirit Guides or other Beings of Light during their Marayana Sayi healing time, or they gather insights into important key scenes from their past lives, the meaningfulness of which usually has a strong impact on their actual situation, or they experience powerful visions, or are being inspired with divine wisdom. The vibration of the client and even the surroundings where the Marayana Sayi is taking place is being raised high towards the spiritual spheres. Marayana Sayi is simple, safe, highly effective and time- saving.

Specialized Treatments

Rainbow Reiki Healing of the Eyes
Rainbow Reiki Harmonization for:
• Pelvis (when one suffers from an imbalance of the pelvis which appears in a way
   that one leg seems to be shorter.)
• Atlas vertebrae (topmost vertebrae)
• Any joint including the jaw
Rainbow Reiki Brain Stem Cleansing
Helps clear the brainstem of traumata, illness, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, toxins, fears, bad habits, etc.
Falayna Say Basic Healing
A NEW Rainbow Reiki Distant Healing. Falayna Say is the Healing Love of the Great Goddess. The effect can be more than 10 times that of a regular distant treatment. Can integrate a mental healing, crystals, essential oils, flower essences, or homeopathic remedies and treat for specific symptoms.
Falayna Say Soullight Healing (A Distant Healing) Choose one of the following:
  1. Path of the Soul (To find the right partner, the right kind of work, the right place to dwell, the right kind of friends, etc. Will guide and support during difficult times in life. Helpful for treating degenerative and chronicle illnesses.)
  2. Happiness of the Soul (Supports any kind of happiness, pleasure and the ability to enjoy it. It helps to heal depression, burn-out, stress related diseases, states of being overworked and exhausted.)
  3. Power of the Soul (Helps to make wishes of the soul come true.)
  4. Soul Relationships (Supports the ability to love and any kind of loving relationship - true friends, family, nature, animals & plants. Helps with forgiving and the healing of trauma and addictions. Soul mates will be found more easily.
  5. Bliss of the Soul (Helps to encounter the divine within. Good for developing love and all qualities of the heart as well as spiritual gifts and extrasensory perception.)
  6. Close encounter with the Great Goddess (Supports the resonance to the Great Goddess and Her path. This includes the resonance to the Great God. Supports healing, especially of chronical illnesses. Good for pregnancy, giving birth and for a peaceful death.)
Falayna Say Download of True Emotions (A Distant Healing)

Mostly people have not been able to develop their full emotional potential. Mainly secondary emotions from the ego based on fear and not primary, true emotions from the soul based on love are used by people today. Emotions are the energies which motivate us and enable us to act. Any action and motivation based on true, primary emotions helps to walk the path of the soul. Any secondary emotion from the ego is based on fear and therefore leads people away from the path of the soul.