Healing Sessions

Rainbow Reiki Sessions

Rainbow Reiki sessions combine both traditional and Rainbow Reiki techniques. Reiki is a relaxing experience using different hand positions on or over the body. Sessions are usually done on a massage table with the client fully clothed. A tranquil atmosphere envelops the client. The essence of Reiki is to bring harmony to mind, body and spirit.

75 Minute Traditional Rainbow Reiki Session (Whole Body Treatment) $60
Good for many purposes - a serious health problem, to reduce pain, accelerate healing, psychological or emotional disharmony, to promote your personal development, stress release, recovering and development of your talents.
First Time Special of 3 Traditional Rainbow Reiki Sessions (SAVE $15) $165
*It is recommended that first time recipients of Reiki receive three treatments within a period of about two weeks. This series of treatments enables an initial cleansing and healing process to begin.  
Rainbow Reiki Mental Healing $5
May only be added to a whole body session.
A technique where additional energy is applied to the head. Used for bad habits, fears, harmonizing trauma, improving concentration and learning abilities.
On Location Rainbow Reiki Session - One Hour $70
I will come to your location if you have trouble with mobility, are in the hospital or other care facility, or are too sick to travel to my business location.
On Location Rainbow Reiki Session - Half Hour $40
For those who are too ill to tolerate an hour of treatment.
Marayana Sayi Whole Body Treatment (45-50 Minutes) $50
All 17 positions of the body receive Reiki directly and at the same time for a powerful, deep healing.
Marayana Sayi & One Specialized Treatment (see Below) $60

Rainbow Reiki Specialized Treatments (May be done alone or combined with another session)
Eye Treatment
Harminozation For:
     Pelvis (when one leg seems shorter)
     Atlas Vertebrae (topmost vertebrae)
     Any joint including the jaw
Brain Stem Cleansing (Helps clear brainstem of trauma, illness, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, toxins, fears, bad habits, etc.)

$20 Each
Rainbow Reiki Distant Healing $50
Healing energy may be sent to those living in another area, for people in the hospital, or additional work on yourself at a very high level of healing. For past or present situations.

A follow-up phone call will be provided.
Falayna Say Basic, Emotional, or Soullight Distant Healing $50
Raindrop Technique Using Young Living Essential Oils (60 Minute Session) $70
Helps correct defects in the curvature of the spine. It integrates vita flex and massage using nine therapeutic grade essential oils to bring the body into structural and electrical alignment. The oils are dispensed like little drops of rain above the back and massaged along the vertebrae and then applied to the feet with the vita flex method.
Raindrop Technique (back only) and Marayana Sayi (SAVE $20) $100
A combination of hands-on therapy and direct Reiki healing energy.