Hands Of Light Healing

The heart of oneness radiates with Divine love and light.
The hands carry forth that energy assisting one to heal and grow spiritually.


My name is Debra Stelzer. People usually call me Deb or Debbie, either is fine with me. I have lived in Wisconsin all my life and have visited many states. I share my life with a husband, four grown children and four grandchildren who have brought much joy to my life. I have always felt that touch is very important, whether it is a handshake to say "hello," a touch on someone's arm to say "I understand," or a hug to say "I love you."

I attended my first Usui Reiki class in 1999 and discovered "the healing touch." This class was the spark that lit my remembrance of who I am, a healer and a teacher. As soon as I placed my hands in a Reiki position on a fellow student, I knew at once that I was on the right path. The healing energy tingled in my hands and felt so natural. An overwhelming feeling of love, gratitude, and sense of awe filled my body. As the healing energy entered my crown and flowed out my hands, I felt a sense of divine oneness with the person I was healing. I still have these feelings today as I work with each client.

Reiki began a path of personal growth that still continues today. My heart has opened more. I accept other people and the path they are on. I look forward to helping others heal, grow to their highest potential, and discover the beauty of their soul. I realize that we are one even though we are unique individuals. Reiki has truly touched my heart and soul. I believe in the mind, body, and spirit connection as a pathway to health and wholeness.

I became a certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher in March 2001. I opened my business, Hands of Light Healing and still continued to seek more understanding. In 2004 I started my Rainbow Reiki training with Grandmaster Walter Lubeck. He stretched my mind even further and fed that hunger for knowledge. I grew both personally and spiritually. I met students from all over the USA and made wonderful friends. I finally achieved my goal as a Rainbow Reiki Master Instructor and became licensed as a Rainbow Reiki Master Instructor by the Reiki-Do Institute in October 2006.

I am the sole proprietor of Hands of Light Healing in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin and a member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. I am one of only 12 Rainbow Reiki Master Instructors in the USA, directly taught by Walter Lubeck, internationally renowned Spiritual Master from Germany and author of 25 books about Reiki and other topics. I am also certified in Aromatherapy and the Raindrop Technique. Healing sessions are available for Rainbow Reiki and the Raindrop Technique using Young Living ™ Essential Oils.

Currently workshops and classes are taught in Wisconsin but other locations will be considered upon request. In Wisconsin if you have five paying students and provide a place to hold a Rainbow Reiki workshop, your tuition is free. All workshops and classes are taught in English. If interested please call me at 715-421-0059. I look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your spiritual path.

Love and Light,